As outlined in the "Led and Dimmers" article, one of the biggest challenges associated with LEDs is the compatibility with legacy controls, more specifically TRAIC/leading edge dimmers.

In response to this known industry problem, Ecobelle has conducted a case study, testing the Ecobelle basic dimmable bulb line against a series of different dimmers from various manufactures.

Dimmer Compatibility
Serial No. Manufacturer Model Dimmer
Dimmable LED
Bulb with CC
1 Varilight V-pro Z0JP250-P Trailing Edge 10-250W YES
2 Varilight HQ3W Trailing Edge 400W YES
3 Varilight ZOP120 Trailing Edge 120W YES
4 British General One gang two way Trailing Edge 60-400W YES
5 British General One gang two way Trailing Edge 60-400W YES
6 Hamilton LITESTAT H-GDM250W Trailing Edge 25-250W YES
7 SIMON 45E101 Leading Edge 500W YES
8 Panasonic WMS549 Trailing Edge 40-400W YES
9 Clipsal E3031HD Leading Edge 500W YES
10 SIEMENS 5UH8222-3NC01 Trailing Edge 40-500W YES
11 ELKO RS16 630 Trailing Edge 630W YES
12 ELKO RS16 Trailing Edge 300W YES
13 Schneider WDE002311 Trailing Edge 315W NO
14 Schneider WDE002319 Trailing Edge 420W NO
15 Schneider CCTSE12011 Trailing Edge 315W NO
16 Schneider K31RD400 Leading Edge 400W NO
17 Philips Q82M11 Leading Edge 630W YES
18 TCL K9051 Leading Edge 630W YES
19 Waisbord D-800 Trailing Edge 500W YES
20 Relvo Nisko NS 20611 Trailing Edge 50-400W YES
21 Voltomat STDKBH201 Trailing Edge 20-400W YES
22 Voltomat Mikro 116426 Trailing Edge 20-315W YES

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