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ECOBELLE® LED Touch Lamp Portable Bluetooth Speaker (and via AUX cable), USB Rechargeable, 3 Light Modes. Can be used as Phone Speaker too. TF Card Music Player. Bluetooth Effective Transmission Distance: 10m. Highly suggested as Reading light, Bed Light and for Camping!


PRICE: EUR 22.90 – GBP 21.50

VAT Included

CE Certified

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  • LED Touch Lamp with 3 light modes. It can be used as READING LIGHT, BED LIGHT and NIGHT LIGHT especially in the kids’ rooms…you can read a story book to your kids under the light of our touch lamp
  • Portable LED Lamp, it can travel with you and it can be hanged up thanks to the little handle on the bottom. Highly suggested for CAMPING and HOLIDAYS!!!
  • Bluetooth Speaker with a transmission distance range of 10m + Wireless Music Player + Hands Free Phone-Speaker, also possible to connect Smartphone as I-phone 6-6S-5 etc. and any device via AUX cable (included)
  • USB rechargeable….no battery needed!!!! The USB cable is included and the battery can last up to 10h (fully charged)
  • Micro SD card port for playing music from your Micro SD card


This LED Portable Bluetooth Speaker Lamp is a very Smart Item.

it can be used as music player, phone speaker, bed light, night light, reading light and it can travel with you.

Fantastic when you go camping or holidays with friends (very light, USB rechargeable no battery needed).

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Product Dimensions 12 x 12 x 13 cm
Lamp Power 1.6W
Power Output 5W
Brand Ecobelle
Compatible with Iphone 6/6S + 6plus (+ all models), Ipad, Iphone, Samsung, work with all mobile phone devices
Package includes 1 x LED Touch Lamp + 1 x USB cable + 1 x AUX cable + 1 x  Instruction Manual
Additional info LED Touch Lamp Portable 160lm