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ECOBELLE® LED Running Belt/Waist Pack Bag, USB Rechargeable (no battery needed) Waterproof and Adjustable + USB LED Lighting Cable. Color is yellow. Great for running, jogging and outdoor activities safely. Ideal for Iphone 5, 6, 6S, 6 Plus and Android Smartphones + Wallets, Keys and small objects


PRICE: EUR 15.00 – GBP 14.50

VAT Included

CE Certified

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  • Running Belt/Waist Pack Bag LED + USB Light USB Cable (2 products)
  • Color is yellow. The belt is waterproof, can be adjusted to size and is very large enough to hold Smartphones like your Iphone 5, 6, 6S, 6 Plus and other Android phones. You can keep as well better your wallet or your keys. Your objects will be safe because they are protected inside. Pocket designed to prevent water from entering
  • The belt buckle is soft and elastic and can be adapted to any size. Also the item is USB rechargeable with cable included (LED USB Lighting cable) and you will not need any battery. The rechargeable internal battery is 120 mAh rechargeable
  • High visibility and running safely thanks to the LED light effect. You can choose up to 3 lighting modes (constant light / slow strobe light / fast flash light)
  • Maintenance: The belt can be cleaned with a damp cloth using Marseille soap or delicate detergents


Ecobelle LED lights enable you to lower your energy costs and eliminate the hassle of repeated relamping.

High Quality Standard. Designed and manufactured by using the latest technologies

Cost Savings: High energy efficiency, save up to 85% on lighting costs

Ecologically Friendly: Mercury free, low carbon footprint, no radiation

Reduced Relamp Frequency: Lifespan of up to 50,000 hours


 Brand  Ecobelle
 Item  LED running belt + USB LED cable
 Material  Lycra + TPU (lamp) + ABS (case)
 Made for  Running and Outdoor Sports
 Material  Lycra + TPU (lamp) + ABS (case)
 Wattage  5V x 120 mAh= 600 Wh
 Colour  Yellow
 Batteries Required?  No, USB rechargeable (cable inclued)
 Type of Bulb  led
 IP rating  IPx3
Battery  Lithium
Charging time  15 mins
Product size (L)  62-98 cm
Product size (W)  5.5-10 cm