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ECOBELLE® set I-phone 6/6S Case + Tempered glass protector, LED Flash Light reflecting, Color: PINK


PRICE: EUR 10.50 – GBP 8.25

VAT Included

CE Certified

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  • made for I-phone 6 and 6S 4.7″
  • the set is composed by the LED Flash Light reflecting case and the tempered glass
  • once installed the case go to 1) general 2) accessibility 3) LED Flash for Alerts 4) turn on the LED Flash for Alerts option. The case will illuminate the I-Phone by reflecting the LED Flash Light for all the incoming calls and notifications (when the screen is turning off/inactive)
  • the LED Flash Light reflecting case is a very nice accessory for noticing the incoming notifications just when the phone is getting illuminated, in this way the you will be alerted by the light and by the sound (not disturbing accessory). Moreover with the case you can easily find you phone when receiving incoming notifications when it is dark(during the night or bedtime)
  • for applying the glass protector first remove all the dirt with wipe n.1 and dry up with wipe n.2 (there are 2 wipes in the set coming with the glass protector). After it, you can applying the glass protector by stick it on your screen pulling over all the air bubbles


Very smart set: Cover + Glass Protector

Easy to install

You will never lose your phone at night :)

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Made for Iphone 6 and 6S 4.7″
Brand Ecobelle
Color Pink